From Success to Failure to Sonship

Podcast Episode 157

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God’s cheatin’ in our favor.
– Shia LaBeouf


It’s been said that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. 

Over decades, alongside like-hearted brothers, I’ve discovered a profound revelation in this idea. Perhaps even more essential is this truth:

When the son is ready, the Father appears. 

My longtime ally, friend, and like-hearted brother Ryan Ruebsahm is a man who has lived into this very truth. 

Ryan’s personal narrative is a compelling invitation. He has embarked on a journey from orphanhood to slavery and, finally, to rebirth as a son. His story challenges us to take risks, let go of our old selves, and embrace a new life infused with the unbreakable spirit of Christ. 

Let’s dive into this story together. 

For the Kingdom,

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