The Metanarrative of Masculine Love (Part 1)

Podcast Episode 158

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I came from the Father. Now I come home to the Father.
– Jesus of Nazareth


We come from the Trinity. 

We will return to the Trinity. 

So what is in the way of our homecoming? 

Perhaps better said, where do we find ourselves along the journey of home-going?

The mission and message of Become Good Soil reach thousands globally, nourishing men from 18 to 83. Men of different ages and at different stages of masculine initiation. At first glance, the diversity of our stories is outstanding. 

But there is a universal ache informing and uniting us all:

We hunger and thirst for the love, validation, and intentionality of a man who is stronger than us. 

In a phrase, we hunger and thirst for God himself. 

Brothers, we do not hunger and thirst for this wild and generous Father in vain. We find him, realize him, feast on him, and, from this nourished place, carry him with us into the dearest relationships of our daily lives. 

The Father is undefeated. His love is winning. 

His goodness is prevailing. 

His intentional and scandalous validation of us is immeasurable. 

And he is just getting started. 

Let’s pick up the next first track of our masculine initiation and be visited again by this ancient truth: 

It all starts with the Father. 

For the Kingdom,

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