The Metanarrative of Masculine Love (Part 2)

Podcast Episode 159

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Home is both an origin and a destination.


When the time is right, a man must leave his father and mother to find his True Father and Mother in God’s heart. Returning home to God is the destiny of his soul and the consummation of his initiation. 


Every man must leave his mom and dad to find his God. 

On a soul level, most men, to some degree, still haven’t left home.

In walking with men for over two decades and paying attention to my challenges, resisting leaving our “home” is one of the inhibitors to becoming mature and more fully united to God. 

Most of us know this resistance and challenge all too well, though we may not have been able to name it. 

If a man has never entirely left, he can never come home again and know it for the first time.

In it all, our Father does not pull away from us. His affection never leaves us, and his daring invitation remains:

Receive the kingdom afresh like a little boy, innocent again.

Free, here and now.

 So often, we mistakenly conclude that our boy-hearted innocence is the source of our pain, stirring us to open our hearts and only to be so deeply let down. 

Yet along the path of recovered innocence, we will find ourselves finally at home with God. 

Let’s take another deep dive together.  

For the Kingdom,

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