Back To Life – Live with Esther Sparks [Podcast]

Podcast Episode 025

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This most recent episode was a treasure to record, featuring Esther Sparks, a Scottish poet and musician whose music has been uniquely sustaining to Cherie and me throughout this decade of excavation and becoming.

Offering transparently from her own story, Esther’s music speaks to central themes of the human experience: love and loss; betrayal and forgiveness; abandonment and embrace; birth, death, and resurrection.

Luminous in her insights and raw in her offering, Esther draws us deeper into our own stories and the Kingdom-among-us that connects all therein. Her songs have become dear companions for the narrow road, songs that say, “Yep. Me too. You are not alone. Don’t give up. We can find our way together.”

Join me as Esther shares the stories behind some of our favorite songs. Her music is substantive food and drink for hearts that beat to become good soil and have been broken along the way.

You can find more on Esther Sparks here.

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You’re invited to join us for the Sons of Thunder Brewing Christmas Party and you can hear Esther Live.

And as a gift from her heart to yours, Esther is making available the following tracks to the Become Good Soil listeners for your continued nourishment:

Cry All Over You

Back To Life

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