How Much Is Enough?

John D. Rockefeller was presented with that question at the height of his incredible personal wealth in the oil industry.  To which he responded,

“One more dollar.”

How much money is enough for you?  Most men have not given that honest thought. And most, like me, spend much of their life living out the answer with “I don’t know, but more than I have.”

I was presented with that question by a mentor four years ago and it rocked my world.  It took several years to experience a deep shift in my core convictions and all that was wrapped up around them.

Wealth is a moving target.  It is an illusion.

Here’s the trap.  Regardless of where you are today financially, there is someone looking at you saying, “Well if I was only in that guy’s financial situation, then I would be at peace, be able to rest, etc.”  And regardless of where you are today, there is someone you are able to look at and think, “Oh, well, if I was in his financial situation, then it’d be all good.”

So here is the big illusion… no one feels wealthy.  Not even the “rich” guys.

I know, it sounds like heresy.  But look what it truly surfaces… this deep conviction in most men of “one more dollar” would bring me the life that I am looking for.

For years I have asked God to break my agreement that more money will bring more Life.  And instead have been praying for an internal shift.  A choice.  To choose contentment and gratitude, and to pray for Bread from Heaven.  Manna.   Exactly what I need for the life that God has called me to live.  To ask the Father to show what the “something” is that drives me to keep looking for more money to satisfy.

All of my assets, from my income to my retirement, my home and my vehicles, are pretty close to where they were four years ago.  On paper, not much has changed.  But, there has been an enormous shift internally.  Most days I actually feel wealthy.  It has not been a shift in circumstances but rather a shift in beliefs and a response to being fathered by God.

Now, scarcity, fear and self preservation are on my heels and it’s a daily battle.  But the offer is available, for each of us, as young men to look under the hood at our beliefs on wealth.  To let the Father come into them and expose where we are living as slaves and not as sons.

Dave Ramsey said that true wealth is what you have that can’t be bought.

There is a reason that over 90% of all divorces in the first 7 years are attributed to finances. There is a reason that Jesus taught more parables on money than any other single subject.  Imagine how powerful your life would be if you could bring deep resolution – peace and freedom – to the category of money in your life?

How much is enough for you?  Really.  Today.  Look at your life. What drives you?  Motivates you?

If it is “one more dollar” or something close… it’s time to invite the Father into your beliefs on wealth.  The decade of the thirties is the golden opportunity to move from the slavery to finances to the wealth of Sonship.

How much is enough?

Do you feel wealthy?

When will you get there?

Has that target changed in your life from a decade ago?

Find the men that you think are wealthy and ask them if they feel wealthy?

Give a week to it and see where it takes you…