Kingdom Carpool – More than a Minivan

I pulled out of the carpool line at the kids’ school today and felt a blog rising up in my heart. Rather than write it, I sensed the Holy Spirit’s nudge to record it as an audio. Never did that before but hope it’ll be good nourishment for you today. When you have a chance to pause for about eight minutes, enjoy the recording and let me know if it’s helpful.

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By way of reference, here’s the centerpiece of the Daily Prayer – Carpool Version.

I begin our prayer time by bringing us all under the Kingdom of God. Declaring the Kingdom of God over their school, leadership, teachers. And with that wherever God leads.

Then we pray together:

God, we agree with who you are.

We agree with what you are doing.

We agree with how you are doing it.

We declare that you love us as much as you love your son, Jesus, therefore we have nothing to fear.

We ask for a revelation of your affection.

We ask that you would make the impossible possible today.

We put on the armor of God:

-shoes of the Gospel

-belt of Truth

-breastplate of righteousness

-helmet of salvation

-sword of the Spirit

-and shield of faith

We choose to wield these weapons at all times and we choose to pray in the Spirit.

We accept your acceptance of us.

We choose to live in the present moment.

We ask for a wise and discerning heart.

We unite our hearts with your heart.

We choose to listen to your voice.

We ask you to Father us today.

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And for some levity, just remember it could be worse. You could be Jack Butler.  Check out this scene…

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