A Soul’s Review

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
– Psalm 23:1

In his beautiful book Life Without Lack, Dallas Willard unpacks the meaning of Psalm 23:1 with these words:

I am in the care of someone else. I’m not the one in charge. I’ve taken my kingdom and surrendered it to the Kingdom of God. I am living the with-God life. The Lord is my shepherd.

Because of God, a life without lack is available to us all, here and now. 

Last week we offered a reflection exercise in BGS Podcast #124, meant as a companion experience to the free printable PDF guide titled A Soul’s Review.

Together, let’s seize a pause to allow last year’s insights to attune us more perceptively to God’s intimate shepherding as we look to the year ahead. 

Father, we pray that you would anoint this guided reflection to draw us deeper into a God-listening posture. For this year ahead, our greatest ask is that you draw us further into your wisdom and revelation and deeper union with you, the One who knows us best and loves us most. Father, help us turn our attention and our affection to you in greater measure by day, by year, and by decade. We love you, God. 

Download the free guided reflection.

Access the companion audio guide in episode 124.

For the Kingdom,