Thoughts & Stories From The Journey

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    The Kingdom of God Is Like a Hot Tub

    “We can see God in everything and miss him in anything.”  –Ken Helser, A Place for the Heart I had heard the story a dozen times. But every time, through tears, I found myself doing the math.  Every week… Every year… For more than ten years…  That’s got to be hundreds of times… The first...

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    Abigail Shrier – Dignity Restored to Masculinity and Femininity [video]

    “One of the most important tasks of a moral society must be to make boys into good men.”–Abigail Shrier, Wall Street Journal Abigail Shrier is among the rare and brave public figures giving voice to what research indicates is a presenting crisis in our age. Abigail is best known for her extensive work as a...

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    Becoming a King Launch Event – Watch Now

    “Man doesn’t make kings. God does.” –Robert the Bruce, Scotland, 1274-1329 What is the most important thing? What if you had another chance? What if there was a secret treasure waiting to be found? What if there was an ancient path that led to life as it was mean to be? Would you take it?...

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    Father’s Day Gift – Secrets to Raising Wholehearted Kids

    As a parent to teenagers, I can say confidently that the core passion of my life is the intention of raising wholehearted kids. The process of participating with God’s initiation of the children entrusted to my care into mature and wholehearted adults brings more joy with every passing year. And there are few other arenas...

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    It’s Here.

    “This is neither theory nor theological wrangling. It’s an excavation of the heart. A rescue mission to steal back the truth of us.”  –Charles Martin, New York Times bestselling author Though I’ve navigated many acute moments of wilderness survival—from storms at sea to lighting strikes, hurricane-speed winds in the high alpine of the Colorado Rockies...

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    The Last Frontier

    Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, its the only thing that ever has. -Margaret Mead Our capacity to be strengthened by God and to find peace in God is constantly at risk. It is at risk of being diluted by rivers of ideas contrary to Life....

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