How Children Raise Parents

Flips our perception of reality right side up to debunk the false claim that parents raise children.  In the end, when our kids are 30 or 40 we will come home to the reality that it is them who have raised us. It is only through the process of walking with God in parenting that we become the parents we wish we were yesterday.  Allender helps us not waste our pain, avoid the pitfalls we can, and parent from the heart with a healing Kingdom motive.

The following is the description from Amazon:

Parenting with Humility…We often realize that we learn as much from our children as they learn from us. So why don’t parents approach the task of child-rearing as a learning experience, rather than a mandate to make sure their kids succeed in life?

To reduce the pressure and enjoy greater closeness in your family, turn your parenting upside-down by allowing God to use your children to help you grow up. Imagine what would happen if you began to prize what you’re being taught by your children’s quirks, failures, and normal childhood dilemmas, rather than worrying about whether you’re doing everything right as a parent. Now you can let go of the pressure to make sure your children succeed, and instead learn to grow into spiritual maturity by listening to your children.

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