Coming Home, Part 2

Podcast Episode 105

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Christianity has tended to focus on right beliefs and right choices as the keys for personal growth. But biblical evidence and modern brain science show that our character is shaped more by whom we love than what we believe.
– Jim Wilder,

What if coming home to a new and secure attachment to God is the primary definition of salvation? 

What would it be like to come home to God as our primary and single source of life, joy, strength, and stature? 

The writers of the Old and New Testaments assure us that the very real dilemma of unhealthy attachment to other things and relationships need not have the final word, nor does the nagging sense of disconnection from God. 

God has provided a path and process through the dignifying choice to re-parent our souls, shepherding them afresh into a loving, strengthening, and momentous attachment to God.

Come along into Part 2 as Cherie and I reveal ways to come home to God when we feel distant from him. 

For the Kingdom,

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