Stories from the Frontlines, Part 1

Podcast Episode 125

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Rule with the heart of a servant. Serve with the heart of a king.

Friends, we’re pulling back 50 yards from the frontline to hear fresh stories from the field. 

The Becoming a King Retreat is slowly and steadily building an irreversible revolution in the hearts of men all over the world. We’re hoping the stories of men like you taking risks all around the globe will inspire you to do the same.

What if there was a way to be good again?

It isn’t cheap.

It isn’t quick.

It isn’t easy.

Few things will facilitate our masculine initiation more deeply than offering strength, love, and service on behalf of other men. This series is an invitation to join us in bringing the mission and message of Becoming a King on behalf of other men—that they might become the kind of men to whom God is glad to entrust the care of his Kingdom. 

Come along into this first conversation as we hear reports from men courageously choosing to serve with kingly hearts…and rule with servant hearts. 

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For the Kingdom,

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