The Metanarrative of Masculine Love (Part 3)

Podcast Episode 160

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Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least.
– Goethe


Years ago, as a father in the faith led a group of young, thirsty apprentices and me through a series of exercises and questions for our masculine souls, we came across this question: 

What is your dream assignment in the Kingdom? 

In other words, if you could be charged with any task, vocation, or work in God’s Kingdom, what would you love it to be? 

My peers and I sincerely (and rather hastily) shared our responses:

Life coach
Film producer
Real estate agent

Our teacher benevolently received the desires of our hearts. 

He paused.

And then he answered the prompt himself:

“My dream is to become a grandfather.”

You could hear a pin drop. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor. He had my attention. The stark contrast between my peers’ and our teacher’s answers revealed a gap between our souls’ unfinished places and the geography to which God was beckoning us.

Somewhere in this man’s initiation, he had taken a radical path that transplanted his soul from the narrow field of self-centeredness to the vast open place of wholehearted others-centeredness.

He had become the kind of man who had nothing to fear, nothing to prove, and nothing to hide. He had more than enough. And he had become more than enough, in and through the One who made him. 

In a phrase, he was full, secure, and free to love with the unconditional generosity of heaven. 

The Father is inviting us along a path to become this wholehearted.

Join me for Part 3 as we conclude this series on the metanarrative of masculine love. 

For the Kingdom,

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